Current projects & updates

This site is now longer maintained, I’ve moved to . I hope to see you there! 🙂

Here I’ll post what I’m currently working on and when updates can be expected.

01-02-2020 New scenario has been posted. Everything is ready for the next two scenarios, though I’ll wait before I play them so I can start working towards the other scenarios. The next step is building Cirith Ungol.

01-01-2020 From now on I’m planning to play and publish a new scenario every month, preferably in the first week of every month.

18-12-2019 The modular terrain for the sewers of Osgiliath is finished. The Deeping Wall scenario has been played and published. The castle parts of Helm’s Deep are finished, except for the wooden areas. That is what I’ll be working on next as they are needed for the next scenario. This means the next scenario will likely be played and published within a month.

07-11-2019 The Galadhrim elves have been finished. I have a busy 2 months ahead of me, so progress will likely be slow, though I hope to start building some terrain for future scenarios.

25-10-2019 I’m currently working on painting Galadhrim elves, which are needed for the next scenario in the campaign. I’m holding off building the castle walls for Helm’s Deep, because I’m waiting for the new Rohan at War supplement so that I can make sure I can also use this future terrain for the scenarios in that supplement as well. I expect the supplement will release December 2019, so I’m hoping to play the next scenario that month or the month after.



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