White Dwarf Complete LotR / Hobbit / Middle-earth SBG Overview

Here you’ll find a link to an Excel spreadsheet detailing the contents of all Hobbit / Middle-earth / Lord of the Rings SBG related content in the White Dwarf Magazine. Because it is a Dropbox link synchronized to my computer, the file will automatically be updated if I make any changes in the document.

If you like you can download the file from this link:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/jjm5pm6myvzqg … .xlsx?dl=0

Big thanks to Phil ‘marder’ on The Last Alliance forum. He has compiled a very complete list in this thread:
Unfortunately the last update was in 2015, so I expanded from there.

I’ve ordered the content in the categories ‘Rules’, ‘Scenarios’, ‘Terrain’, ‘Battle Reports’, ‘Painting’ and ‘Other’. Advertisements and new releases are often not included in my file as they are not very useful to me. If I spot them I’ve added them to ‘Other’. The ‘Rules’ category may also not be the most accurate, since they are often outdated by now and I mostly wanted to list Rules that could still be relevant today (such as ‘Fighting in Lake-town’) and Scenarios.

In principle I’ve added all White Dwarfs since the inception of LotR SBG, but during the period where WD became weekly, I’ve only included those issues that contained at least some image from LotR/Hobbit SBG. If all cells are empty for an issue there could still be LotR/Hobbit content, but it’s likely very minor or just images of (at that time) new releases or army showcases. If all cells have a ‘-‘, then there are (in principle) no Middle-earth related articles in that specific issue.

Please note on the numbering
White Dwarf is different for different regions. I’ve used the UK version in this overview, I belief the US version is one behind on some or all issues. Also, the content in WD may differ for different regions.

Hope you enjoy! If you believe there are mistakes or you have comments or suggestions, feel free to reply!


Battle Companies Resource List (Dec 2017 – Feb 2019)

Here you’ll find a list referencing all the official supplements to the 2017 reboot of Games Workshop’s Battle Companies, for Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game.

BREAKING: With the launch of the new 128-page Battle Companies Edition, this list is now probably obsolete.

Main Rulebook:

Middle-earth Battle Companies (released December 2017)


Additional (House) Rules:

Customizing your campaign [White Dwarf June 2018 page 124-126]

Additional Battle Companies:

Erebor and Dale [White Dwarf November 2017 page 109]
Gundabad [White Dwarf November 2017 page 110]
The Last Alliance [White Dwarf April 2018 page 120]
Denizens of Mirkwood [White Dwarf April 2018 page 121]
Osgiliath [White Dwarf August 2018 page 120]
Rangers of the North [White Dwarf August 2018 page 121]
Cirith Ungol [White Dwarf August 2018 page 122]
Khand [White Dwarf August 2018 page 123]

Additional Campaigns:

The Search For The Stone (TSFTS) [White Dwarf January 2018 page 81-86, White Dwarf February 2018 page 99-105

Additional Scenarios:

The Ruins of Dol Guldur (TSFTS #1) [White Dwarf January 2018 page 83-84]
A Chance Encounter (TSFTS #2) [White Dwarf January 2018 page 85-86]
Across the Dead Marshes (TSFTS #3) [White Dwarf February 2018 page 100-101]
Fury of the Woses (TSFTS #4) [White Dwarf February 2018 page 102-103]
Ransacking of Osgiliath (TSFTS #5) [White Dwarf February 2018 page 104-105]
The Wolves Attack [White Dwarf April 2018 page 119]
A Daring Rescue [White Dwarf June 2018 page 127]
The Baggage Train [White Dwarf August 2018 page 119]

Useful documents

Downloadable Battle Companies Roster:
https://whc-cdn.games-workshop.com/wp-c … Roster.pdf

Interactive Battle Companies Roster:
https://whc-cdn.games-workshop.com/wp-c … Update.pdf

What do I need to have all available information for Battle Companies?
In order to have every officially available rule, scenario and battle company for Battle Companies, you’ll need:

  • The Middle-earth Battle Companies book (2017)
  • White Dwarf November 2017
  • White Dwarf January 2018
  • White Dwarf February 2018
  • White Dwarf April 2018
  • White Dwarf June 2018
  • White Dwarf August 2018
  • Furthermore you’ll need the main rulebook for the main game (Middle-earth SBG) and the profiles of your battle company, which can be found in the Armies of The Lord of the Rings or Armies of The Hobbit profile book.

What is The Search For The Stone?
It is a campaign that is like The Quest for Fornost in the Main Battle Companies Rulebook, with the difference being that it is written mainly for the Evil Player. Like the original quest, it can also be played by the other player, though this might make less sense thematically.

Special thanks to the people on The One Ring forum, as can be found here: http://one-ring.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=102&t=33520